Moneysupermarket are setting the benchmark

Well, after years of being criticised for having a badly designed site from a usability perspective, I must say Moneysupermarket have caught up with many of the direct sites and fellow aggregators. In fact, I think they may have stolen the lead in some areas.

I’m an application form nut ! ie. I love a really great app form, and I hate a really bad one. And I spend a lot of time thinking about what really makes an app great.

It appears that Moneysupermarket are taking the user experience more seriously, and have started to come up with an ‘almost great’ application.

The contextual help on their motor and home insurance application forms is, on the whole actually useful.

The error handling is obvious and easy to see where you’ve gone wrong.   I like, arguably not all visitors will, the use of images on the form, it actually makes the process quite good fun. Not something normally associated with filling in your details for a quote. The images not only break up a mundane process, they actually serve a purpose in some cases, for example the images of the window locks is actually quire useful so you can see visually what you might have.

The use of images and sliders mirrors the approach started a few years back and I think it’s a welcome step forward.

I look forward to see ing more sites following their lead. Wow, Moneysupermarket are actually leading on Usability. That’s something I didn’t think I’d be saying a year ago.


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UX professional working for major financial services player in the UK
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2 Responses to Moneysupermarket are setting the benchmark

  1. Ria Sheppard says:

    Hi, thanks for your comments! We’ve been working with our customers to try and find a way to make long, boring forms a bit less tedious, and hopefully our efforts are paying off. It would be good to hear what you think would take our experience form ‘almost great’ to ‘truly great’. Ta


    • philty says:

      Thanks for your comments Ria – if I told you the app was truly great you might stop trying, although I’m sure you wouldn’t ! I genuinely really like it and enjoy playing with it – it’s very rare to find application forms which feel fun and easy to use. You mentioned you’re using customer feedback so I’m sure in time it will become ‘truly great’.

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