Take the National Express when your life’s in a mess It’ll make you smile

I occasionally travel to London as part of my job and so from time to time need to consult the train timetable on the National Express website to see what time I’m going to need to raise my weary head out of bed, and what time I can book a taxi back to see the wife and kids.

I usually do a search on google for national express train times and get sent to the national express.com site. The experience certainly doesn’t make you smile – well only at the site architecture !

It never ceases to amaze me how difficult it is to find timetables on rail websites. The ‘One Railway ‘ service was just as bad – all I want is a table – it can even be a pdf – that shows me the train times.

In the end you have to type in a particular time and through trial and error find the right time for you. You do get a set of results played back but all I want to do is browse options – its’ so much easier. Never thought I’d say ‘GIVE ME A PDF ‘ but yes damn it, ‘GIVE ME A PDF!!’.

One other thing I noticed, once you’ve selected your ‘From’ in the form in the trains section you can’t click destination.

PS. I did actually find the time-table on a second level page later that day on the National Express East Anglia site however why isn’t this clearly sign posted as the site to use on the main National Express site. Or why doesn’t the main site my search on google points to have a clear link? Come on National Express, make me smile – at least once.


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