Tesco Cars.com – from mouse to your house in 4 simple steps

I have to say the latest Tesco Cars venture seems a neat idea and the website is pretty good too. This website sells second-hand cars directly from bank, lease and fleet companies meaning good savings for buyers.

There’s a well presented search box so you can find a good car for you based on manufacturer, model and price bracket and there’s also a fun lifestyle calculator that works out the best car for you. This was visually very engaging and I enjoyed playing with the sliders. My result was a Ford Focus Estate sadly , yes a family car ! that’s the exciting lifestyle I lead !

If you just want to browse you can find out a bit more about the service and read engaging testimonials and the ‘find a car’ service has some top picks which is helpful. The videos worked well and clearly explained the proposition in a clear, profesional and fun way. I felt the site performance was a bit clunky at times, however overall there’s a lot of really useful information here, and it”s well organised, structured, labelled and well presented. An attractive and engaging website and actually I’m quite tempted by the proposition.


About philty

UX professional working for major financial services player in the UK
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