Natural History Museum – website saved by the Customer Contact Centre

I’m taking my son and his uncle to the Natural History Museum this weekend and as my son is completely ‘Dinosaur- mad’ I decided to book tickets online for the Age of the Dinosaur Museum. Now, the museum is free but the exhibition has a charge. The full amount, including booking fee would have amounted to £27.50 – however you can uncheck a box to not pay a voluntary donation (saving yourself just under £3) I know it’s not a lot but times are tight and considering there’s also a £1.50 booking fee and the fact I was paying for my uncle I thought why not – I’ll uncheck the box. However, then I couldn’t proceed. The transaction would work if I left the donate box checked, however this was now a principle thing – I wasn’t going to pay a donation just because the site wasn’t allowing me to avoid it. Alas, I tried over several days and on different browsers and was about to give up and just buy some tickets over the phone when I saw an email addreess to contact.

Now, I have very low expectations of email service given past performance of some other providers ( in fact most companies and amazingly smaller and self employed buisnesses). However, on this occassion I received a response – admittedly it took a whole day and a weekend to recive something but a really helpful and apolgetic email with several suggestions, one being that unfortunately when you uncheck the donation box it clears your ticket selection and you have to try again. Aha, that was it. I went back in and completed the purchase – feeling happier and saving myself £2.60. Good site – or rather good use of email response.

However, it shouldn’t be like this – Firstly the application process should never have gone live with this apprent blip. Secondly, where was the error handling – all I got was a next page telling me my transaction hadn’t been successful. It’s a good job I peresevered and knew my son really wanted to go to this event – I think they could have lost a customer very easily if this wasn’t the case.

Any how, now looking forward very much to the Age of the Dinosaurs experience !


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