BBC launches new homepage Beta version

I think they’ve done it again – it doesn’t seem 5 minutes (it was 2008) since they last revamped their homepage – allowing us to personalise (a little) the website to our own liking and change our colour scheme.

Current Homepage

Image of current website

Current website

The BBC is set to launch a site that makes other website owners sit up and take note – oh yes – the bench has been truly raised and I’m sure we’ll see more sites adopting some of the Beeb’s ideas. 

New homepage in BETA

Image of BBC new website

New homepage

The page is much more focused on popular content and laid out like an online iPad magazine – it definitely has touchscreen in mind.

I like the carousel which has chunnks of content which you can flick through – the navigation feels easy – and allows a lot of content to be shown without taking up too much real estate.

I think some of the navigation rollover states could be better thought through as they have the same colour as the active state and people may miss the customise this page features however overall I do like it.  It’s a shame I think that the iPlayer shows don’t play ‘in the page’ and you get taken to a seperate section. I’d quite like to be able to view my clip/programme – expand the view if required – go off to the inforamtion page if required but also minimise down and keep on the same homepage. That’s pretty a pretty subjective view however and dosn’t mean their curent strategy is wrong.

Strangely the homepage dosn’t feel so great on an iPad – the swipe functionality doesn’t work on the carousel and the buttons back and next seem clunky on iPad. I haven’t reviewed the homepage on other web tablets but will do when I get chance. 

The homepage rebrand does make the other sections of their site seem terribly dated now – I’m sure it won’t be long before the news site and even the iPlayer site itself gets another refresh.


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