M & S Banking

Am loving the new M & S Banking site. It’s light and simple, uses great imagery, and has all the content in one page which is labour (finger ! ) saving. The reward programme seems good although I could do with a bit more info to really intice me in.

I can see how much I need to earn to earn a point. What I can’t see easily (unless I’m missing something obvious) is what a point is worth and therefore how much in vouchers I’ll actually earn…

The other slightly confusing aspect is that the Bank’s website is a microsite and is divorced from the main M&S Money site. I can see why they’ve done it – the customer can be more focused just on the Bank product and registering interest – however it does leave the proposition slightly disjointed…- ie. what’s the difference between M&S Bank and M&S Money? other than the obvious I suppose.

Still, I guess many people won’t worry about that. Personally, the only thing that would stop me applying is the monthly fee – I know you can feed into a higher interest rate account if you have money to spare, but I’m just not ready to start paying for my current account – especially when there’s still free ones around…   


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UX professional working for major financial services player in the UK
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