Time to drop IE8?

The announcement Microsoft made last month around only supporting the latest version of IE available for a supported operating system from January 2016 led to a plethora of excited ” Woop woops” from some developers and commentators across our industry. “Finally” , it was stated, we can drop support and stop worrying about building for and checking these antiquated browsers. In fact since Windows XP hasn’t been supported since April 2014, it’s been suggested that IE 8 should “die now” as it’s increasingly vulnerable to security attacks.

Unfortunately for us, it’s not quite so black and white as we’d like. Many customers/ businesses still use XP – also many customers use IE8 on Windows 7 and Vista so actually , it is still a fully supported browser – for the moment. So I think my advice is don’t suddenly stop building/ supporting for IE8 users, they may still be a significant proportion of your web traffic.

I think the industry will generally adopt a wait & see approach until nearer the time when they may start pushing messages to customers on IE8 and also potentially customers on IE9 or 10 who should be on a more up to date web browser for their operating system. What do you think ? I’d like to hear what other UX practitioners have to say…

Additionally, customers who don’t update their browsers and operating systems are increasingly at risk… So do companies (and us as UX practitioners) have a duty of care to at least encourage customers who visit our websites on older browsers (or not the most recent browser available on their operating system) to ensure they are on a relatively modern browser with all the latest updates… Again, I’d like to know what people think




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UX professional working for major financial services player in the UK
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