My name is Phil Towers and I’ve been working in online sales and marketing for a major financial services company for well over 10 years now.

My background is in optimising customer jouneys on websites to improve sales conversions – I’ve done this very successfully by using a mixture of the following methods.

1) Using management information to analyse customer journeys – we’ve used many different MI soultions but we’ve finally found one we can work with and which works for us.

2) Performing usability studies myself and using agencies to help identify mistakes we’ve made when we’ve built a website. This is always a highly rewarding experience – I’m passionate about usability – even if you only test your site on a couple of friends and familiy it’s well worth it. I usually spot something wrong with a site the team have built in this way. 

3) Performing many A/B tests and painstakingly testing hundreds of different iterations of a webpage or application form to gently hone a website.

4)  Search engine optimisation – you can’t get sales if no-one visits you. Over the years we’ve really honed our website and using good practice and techniques to get ourselves high in the rankings.